Fullstack Developer (React, Node.js)

  • Engineering
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fullstack Developer (React, Node.js)

Job description

You can enjoy coming to work every day in a pleasant work atmosphere like ours and with a solid technical challenge, to give you space to progress in your career. You can have a direct impact on the lives of 100,000 daily users (that’s our target!), from over 20 countries. We work from our Amsterdam office but most importantly, we work lean.

Tech stack: React, Node.Js, Postgresql, AWS, Docker, Github

This is how your work can look like at Resumedia:

We have just welcomed Gerben as our brave CTO and Jesco as our super frontend developer. Now we would really value the input of Resumedia’s first proper all-round senior full-stack developer. Is that you? We think your potential for impact at this stage is huge, as you can still help define the feature roadmap with the CTO.

You will build the UI of the web app and landing pages with React, use Node.js to serve API endpoints and dynamic webpages and containerize them in Docker. Since you are keen on learning and sharing JavaScript best practices, you play a big part in steering the technical innovation.

Build it from scratch. Our webpage is up and running, but to really make the platform lean and scalable, we will take the matter into our own hands, in our small, hands-on and flexible team. The goal is to serve 100k+ daily users in 20+ countries and for this, we need a smooth and intuitive web app, so hardly any support is needed to be given to the job-seeker.

Here are just 3 of the challenges to play with on the job:

  • We have a platform now but we’re knocking it down and starting from scratch, having in mind future scalability via stateless Docker containers;
  • Integrate various subscription options per country, with worldwide billing options;
  • Keep some features and create many others, with a focus on beautiful UI and excellent, helpful user experience for the job-seeker

‘I am browsing for a job myself, how does Resumedia help job seekers?’, I hear you ask.

Resumedia supports job seekers with easy-to-use career tools, including a state-of-the-art CV builder, for those that need it the most. Throughout Europe, 10,000+ daily users are using our SaaS product on various domains, such as cv.nl. Over time, we have developed a remarkably healthy company with happy, driven people. We operate in 5 countries and are now the #1 Dutch CV building market leader! It is now time to take the next step and develop an entirely new state-of-the-art platform from scratch. Let's conquer the rest of the world and help millions get hired!

    Job requirements

    What is in it for you:

    • Fair salary and stock options on top;
    • As well as stock, you will earn a portion of our yearly profit;
    • Education budget of up to €1500 per year;
    • Be part of a financially healthy, tested and entirely bootstrapped startup;
    • Flexible office hours
    • The work setup of your dreams & tech for your home office set up
    • Free foooooooood- and drinks at the office

    Knowing all this, we are curious if you would be interested and able to work with us to alleviate the stressful job search for candidates globally.

    You will be valued for:

    • 4+ years of experience as a developer, with full-stack experience, including react, nodejs experience;
    • Your independence: you are able to create a great product without much assistance;
    • The energy you get from building a large scale consumer website;
    • Your love for creating great user-centric products; maybe you enjoy looking into UX/UI;
    • Previous experience with creating a B2C product from A to Z;
    • Your drive to work with the latest technologies.

    You have already read a lot about our mission, what we see in Resumedia and what we value in others. Thank you for your attention! Now we would like to know more about you and your needs and aspirations. How meta that you can now be a candidate for this job and then help others find their great jobs! Don’t worry, if you are a bit shy to apply right now because you still have questions about us, the benefits for you or the job itself, ask me anything. I am Ben (Ik ben Ben ;-) ), email me at ben@levelupventures.nl and let’s start an open conversation.